Millions of people are moving around each year, from one country to another, and from one city to the other? They usually find themselves in situations where just a little advice from someone who is experienced can make a big difference in their lives. If you are new to a town or country, you might have realized that those you left behind (e.g. people in your country of origin) don’t usually know the realities of your new environment. In fact, by not knowing what people like you are facing abroad, many of those you left behind misjudge and misunderstand their Diaspora members like you, and consequently, networking, collaboration, business, development, and many other opportunities are lost or less capitalized upon. Although we are trying to help you get a mentor right now, you already know a lot to be able to also mentor someone at the same time you are being mentored. We will teach you later how you can partner with us to help improve lives, while making a living from mentoring others.

If you are a new arrival in a region (people may call you “immigrant”, “stranger”, “alien” – by the way, don’t let that surprise or discourage you), your mentoring may be about walking you through certain key processes or steps to better (1) integrate into your new society, (2) comply with laws and regulations, (3) take advantage of most of the opportunities available to quickly and efficiently achieve your achievable dreams, (4) and better help others. You might have originally come into your new country/town with big and “nice” dreams that cannot be achieved there, and if you don’t quickly understand what is really achievable, you will waste your time and energy pursuing things that will never happen or that will take way too long to complete. That is how many people fail and discover their real dream when their hairs become gray, when maybe their grand kids are claiming their heritage while their strength is gone or leaving them! Too late! You don’t need to experience that. DiasporaEngager ( wants to help you avoid that now than later.


Some people are rooted into wrong mentalities and behaviors (sometime because of their culture) that keep them and others from developing. Similarly, since people like you may have left their native countries for a while, they may be lacking certain latest information about their home country. That situation may prevent them from succeeding. If you are one of those people, you may need a mentor back home. If you want to learn the secrets of finding a great mentor today, don’t wait any longer. Log in ( to your DiasporaEngager (  account today and go to menu “Post Needs/Offers” to submit your request. If you do not have an account on DiasporaEngager yet, please register today It is free.

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