Allow Us To Do Our Thing This Side, Focus On Your Countries: ED 2

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has claimed that some countries were scrutinising Zimbabwe, a behaviour he greatly detests.

Speaking during a national clean-up event held at Golden Stairs Spar in Harare on Friday, Mnangagwa said:

Whoever has their nation should plan how they rule their nation and allow us to do what we can do this side. We do not spy on what they do in their own countries and they should also not spy on what we do in our own country.

Meanwhile, the president has since his ascension to power been pushing to reengage the international community.

His remarks would be viewed as a strong redolent of former president Mugabe’s “Blair, keep your England and I will Keep My Zimbabwe” remarks he made when he was angered by UK’s violation of the Lancaster House Agreement.

The Blair administration had announced that it was no longer compensating white farmers to promote the willing-seller willing-buyer policy.

President Mnangagwa added that Zimbabwe was open for business, open to foreign direct investment but his administration would not accept any conditionalities.

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Paul Kandimire / Source link